Do you have a Fourth Grader in the family? Are you trying to find ways that you can spend some quality family time this summer, without spending a lot of money?

Your fourth grader is the 'ticket' to your entire family having access to the National Parks for a year. The National Parks service has started a program called Every Kid in a Park. All of the details are on their website, and will explain what you need to do to get the pass for your child.

Here are a few things to know, from the parents section of Every Kid in a Park:

  • Show your pass to a ranger when you enter. If there is no ranger, leave it on the dashboard of your car.
  • If you visit a site that charges entrance fees per person, the pass admits all children under 16 and up to three adults for free.
  • If your group visits a site that charges vehicle entrance fees, the pass admits all children under 16 and all adults in up to one passenger vehicle.
  • If you arrive at a site on bicycle— The pass admits all children under 16 and up to three adults on bicycles.
  • The pass doesn't cover things like parking fees, camping, boats, and special tours. Also, some sites are managed by private operators. They may not honor the pass. Check with the site ahead of time to find out.
  • The pass doesn’t cover fees for local, city, or state parks and recreation areas unless they say that they accept this pass.
  • Paper passes can be exchanged for plastic passes at certain sites.

Are you planning a summer vacation with your family? Are you planning a staycation and looking for things to do this summer? How far are you willing to travel? Up to 100 miles? Where do you find your ideas of things to do with the family?

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