So you think you want to take the kids somewhere, but think when they hear the word 'museum' that they will immediately tune out? How about a SLIME museum?

Yep, there is a museum in New York City that just opened (and will only be open for 6 months) that is all about slime. It's called, The SLOOMOO Institute and is located at 475 Broadway between Broome and Grand Streets. Its hours are (updated on 4/9/2021) Thursdays 3PM to 8PM, Fridays 12PM to 8PM, Saturday 10AM to 9:15PM, Sundays 10AM to 7:15PM.

Here is the description of what you can expect for your $38 ticket price, from their website:

The slime from your childhood, reinvented.
Art. Experiment. Play. Slime! Sloomoo Institute fuels joy, stress relief, and imagination with over 30 vats of slime, a lake of slime to walk on, a massive DIY slime bar, slime experiments, an immersive ASMR tunnel and more. A free custom 8 oz. slime comes with every ticket! $1.50 from each ticket benefits three mental health charities equally.

The museum is requiring a ticket for each individual. There are limitations for kids under the age of 5, ie they are only allowed in the museum between the hours of 10 AM and 2 PM. (Edit added on 2/24/2020. Sloomoo contacted us via email stating that kids under the age of 5 are now allowed access during all hours that the museum is open. There is no longer a time restriction for those under the age of 5). 

Looking at the feedback posted from parents on the site, a few are not happy about paying $38 for everyone in attendance.

What do you think? Do your kids like slime enough that you would be willing to head down to the city to check it out at $38 a pop? Let us know.

4/9/2021, Sloomoo is doing more and more 'virtually, ' so if heading out of your house is still something that you do not want to do. Check out their virtual sessions.

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