Royal Caribbean International is looking for an individual ready to dedicate three weeks of their lives to taking Instagram photos while sailing the high seas on their award winning vessels. Yup, that's the "job"...they're calling it their 'Extraordinary Intern-Ship' program.

It's a dream job alright, only problem is you'll have to fight me for it...and i'm pretty scrappy! If you've listened to my show or checked out my posts on the website you know I love traveling. Don't get me wrong, I love the Hudson Valley but a girl has to get her wanderlust on every once and a while. Cruising is how I dipped my toe into the travel world but now you can dive right in with this amazing opportunity from Royal Caribbean.

Applicants will sail for three consecutive weeks on some of the lines most innovative and newest ships. Lucky! You'll get to live on these wonders of engineering and enjoy in all the spoils like world-class dining, rock climbing walls, broadway style entertainment, zip lines (yes they have zip lines at sea!) and one of my favorites, a flow-rider...why is it my favorite? Because you get to see tools like me try to surf and take water diggers one after another...never had so much water up my nose in my life. And not there are no pictures...who wants evidence if that.

The point is the ships are super cool and not only do you get to live on them but you get to enjoy all they offer and get out the amazing destinations they sail to. And if that weren't enough, they'll pay you. The 'Intern-ship' pays 3,000 British pounds, which is roughly $3,700 for your three week adventure. What!?! Yeah you heard right...over a thousand bucks a week to take a vacation and all you really have to do is be the Monte of Instagram.

RoyalCaribbean describes the role as follows; "A hybrid between a photographer, documentary maker and a storyteller, a typical day will see the successful candidate immerse themselves in the extraordinary moments, experiences and stories that take place on land and at sea, and share them with the world via Instagram"

The position is open to individuals 21 or older, you must have an Iphone and have "extensive knowledge of all 23 filters" on Instagram. To apply post your "most extraordinary" travel photo or video to Instagram and tag @RoyalCaribbeanUK and #ExtraordinaryExplorer. Think you have what it takes, go get your Insta on and post your shot by January 31st. Best of have to compete against magic like this...

Ps...these pictures are well before Instagram ever fact they may have even been take with film. What is film you ask? It's this brown plastic stuff you use to have to put into a camera and have developed and printed. Whats a camera you ask? Really...I give up. Just go get your #wanderlust on!