Find out what people think about the controversial Pop-tart and cheese sandwich. It's taken the internet by storm. Most people are absolutely against it. Would you eat a Pop- tart grilled cheese sandwich? We had to try it and the results may shock you.

The infamous Pop-tart and cheese sandwich has gone viral in the most terrible of ways. What started out as a joke from a college student from Iowa has made a case for the most unlikely of combinations. Does cheese belong between two Pop-tarts? If so, why on earth would you grill it?

Here is the original tweet that start it all.

Citizens of Iowa is rejecting the Chris Jorgensen's tweet.

Brandi, being the culinary expert decided to recreate his sandwich for us to try. It's a simple recipe that consists of regular strawberry pastries and some packed American cheese. Watch as we test the sweet and savory dish.

Would you try it?