Zoolander 2 isn't scheduled to officially start filming until later this spring in Rome, but it looks like stars Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson just got a jump on the production. The Zoolander stars showed up in character as Derek and Hansel and closed out the Valentino show at Paris Fashion Week with a walk on the runway and officially announced that Zoolander 2 will open on February 12, 2016!

Stiller and Wilson showed up unannounced on the runway to the delight of the audience. There were rumors of something happening after the two actors were spotted backstage with Vogue editor Anna Wintour. They were not wearing Derelicte, sadly, but instead were wearing what looks like pajamas and trench coats. Admittedly our knowledge of fashion is limited, so here's their formal description:

Derek wears a custom Night Butterflies brocade suit with hand-embroidered overcoat and black Creeper shoes. Hansel wears a Silk Continent print Pajama suit with Double Cashmere overcoat and Open sneakers.

Zoolander 2 Paris Fashion Week
Paramount Pictures

Whether any of this was being filmed for Zoolander 2 remains to be seen. In addition to Stiller and Wilson, Will Ferrell is expected to return as Mugatu and recently Penelope Cruz was added to the sequel's cast. The film takes place in current day and is set in Europe, after Derek and Hansel are no longer relevant. Owen Wilson has said that Hansel will have suffered a disfigurement similar to Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky.

Justin Theroux (who previously wrote Stiller's Tropic Thunder) is making his directorial debut on the film.