Art In New Places, Bring It Home In Unique Ways
To find things for your home that are beautiful and functional, it can be tough. To find things for your pet that also fit into your home can be tough. What one group of artists are doing to change that. Everyone knows that I am sucker for things for my dog Scrappy or my cat […]
Dog Tries to Catch Metro-North Train, Lands In Hearts Of Everyone
Riding a train down to the city, you look out the window on your commute and what do you see? Bannermans Castle? Graffiti? Random trash that has been discarded by the tracks? Or an adorable dog who has missed its train and trying to get on board? Well, one little dog  is lucky to be […]
Are Your Neighbors Alive? or Did They Move?
Ever think that you should check on your neighbors? You know the older ones who you should knock on the door and see if they have heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer? Here is a reason to go ahead and do that, no matter how odd, mean, crazy or nosy they […]
Brandi’s News: Truck Leaves 30-Mile Debris Trail
620 A proposal to annex 500 acres of land to expand the Village of Kiryas Joel threw a town board meeting into chaos.  The group United Monroe says that the board favors the Hasidic community, a charge that newly-elected Supervisor Harley Doles and the town board vehemently deny.   Do…
PETA Wants to Make Jeffrey Dahmer’s Home a Vegan Restaurant
Jeffrey Dahmer’s house is up for sale. Jeffrey Dahmer. You know. That guy that killed, dismembered and in some instances cannibalized his victims. So. This is not the place where he killed multiple people and dismembered them. This house is where he spent his “formative years” i…
Someone That Does Not Want To Get Out Of Bed
When I went back into the bedroom this morning looking for Scrappy… This is what I found… Someone who did not want to get out of bed… My little guy wanted to use every bit of cuteness to be able to stay exactly where he was and not have to go outside to use the […]
How Snow Shoveling Is Not That Bad?
I am beginning to realize that everyone has their winter rituals, more so their snow removal rituals. I have been told by many a guy that before they go to shovel their driveway they will put beer in the snow to get it cold, and that it is the ‘perfect’ temperature by the time they [[&#…
I’m RICH!! Not Sure If I Can Handle This…
Why THANK YOU Verizon Wireless!!! I love that you are thinking of me… More than 8 years after I have switched carriers. Did you miss me? Do you want me to come back to you? Re-establish my wireless service with you? Maybe re-join the diminishing league of land-line owners again? I was very su…
Scrappy Is Feeling Better!
Saturday morning, I had to take this guy to the vet. I will save you the specifics, but he had blood coming out of somewhere that should not have. A check of his temperature (yikes), and a few tests later… he has a bladder infection, antibiotics and a cone to wear so he will leave […]
Why I Am In Love With A Water Heater
I am in love with my hot water heater. Sounds crazy? Please, make no mistake, I think I am! About two weeks ago, I took the coldest shower (and probably quickest) of my life. I spoke with my plumber who told me not to panic, just yet. But since I did not have water leaking from […]

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