Travelers on the New York State Thruway got some great news yesterday, as Governor Cuomo unveiled his plan to save commuters some serious money.

The plan calls for eliminating any increases in Thruway tolls until at least 2020. That measure would be effective for all drivers. Commuters will also be able to cut their tolls in half and agricultural vehicles would essentially get a free ride, paying no tolls at all.

The 50% reduction in tolls would affect commuters who use E-ZPass and pay $50 or more in tolls each year. This is estimated to benefit almost 1 million drivers, saving them almost $100 per year.

Businesses and commercial vehicles that use E-ZPass and pay between $100 and $9,999 in tolls each year would also see cuts. Over 25,000 businesses can expect to see an average of $686 in savings, with close to 1,000 commercial truckers saving almost $2,000 each.

In an effort to help out farmers, agricultural vehicles being used to bring their products to market would be exempt from paying any tolls at all. Because the state will also be investing an additional $700 million to upgrade infrastructure on the Thruway system, tolls will not increase for any drivers until at least 2020.

We want to know what you think about the proposed plan. Do you feel like this will help eliminate some of the burden New Yorkers feel by paying such high taxes?