Just how legal is weed in New York State? Here are answers to the 10 most common questions residents have about possessing, growing, and consuming cannabis.

With 4/20 quickly approaching, I think it's safe to assume that more New Yorkers will be partaking in the consumption of cannabis this year. The increase of people that are New York residents who are going to be smoking or consuming edibles on 4/20 this year may actually have nothing to do with the unofficial holiday at all.

Cannabis has been legal in some capacity in New York for a while now. In 2014, Governor Cuomo made it legal for medical purposes, and then in 2019, it had been decriminalized for reactional use.

If you are going to smoke or consume cannabis-infused products with THC, it is important that you know exactly what you're getting into. Remember, the use of THC has effects on the human body like impaired coordination and reaction time. There are still a lot of rules surrounding the use of some cannabis by-products. Those rules are listed below.

Both New York State residents who smoke weed on a regular basis and those who don't know anything about it have a lot of questions about what is legal and what isn't in our state.

The New York State website is a great resource for information, especially since the laws and regulations could change. Hopefully, the list below will clear up a lot of confusion.

Here are the most common questions about the use of cannabis in New York.

The 10 Most Common Cannabis Questions New Yorkers Have

These are the most common questions and answers regarding cannabis in New York State as of 4/19/2022.




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