Have you been thinking about adding a four-legged furry family member to your household? There are several benefits to selecting a rescue pet, whether it is a kitten or puppy and even more advantages to selecting a pet that has "a few years on them."

With the changes in business hours and New York State regulations, you will need to call each center before hand, double check their operating hours, find out what their Covid procedures are and remember to be patient. 

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The facilities have restrictions on them that they have not had in the past.

Where can you adopt a shelter pet in the Hudson Valley, NY?

Here are a few places in the Hudson Valley that have cats and dogs available for rescue. Start by visiting their website. Look at the available animals, but keep in mind that even though an animal is listed as available on the website, that particular one might already be in the adoption process. Don't worry, they agency will have additional animals that will suit you and your family or they can keep an eye out for what you are looking for.

10 Places to Adopt Pets in the Hudson Valley, NY:

Do you have a positive pet rescue story (and photos) that you would like to share with us? 

Eight Natural Tick Repellents Safe For Humans And Pets

Hudson Valley Humane Society Seeking Urgent Placements for Pets

They are going to be doing construction and that means that there will be loud noises and construction which may be disturbing to some of their residents.

Keeping Pets Cool During The Hot Hudson Valley Weather

Great tips to keep in mind so your pets don't get over heated during the warm (or hot) Hudson Valley days.