Nothing like dinner out with the family. In a scene some may say captures the essence of life in New York in 2022, a family of rats was seen out on the town having a late night snack recently. While vermin like this is nothing new in the big city, social media has been quite inthralled with this video that has been shared tens of thousands of times across the internet. Remind anyone of Ratatouille? 

Is Pizza Rat Back?

The New York Post even jokingly referred to the return of New York's famous Pizza Rat, though it is highly unlikely it is the same rodent. The Post says that the group of rats was seen carrying a slice of discarded pizza at a subway station near the L train. Soon video of the encounter was taken and posted to social media, and then later shared to the Subway Creatures Instagram account. 

Rats Are Everywhere

For a city that's seen just about everything, wildlife encounters like this in New York City seem to draw a lot of attention online. We've mentioned Pizza Rat, but do you remember Taco SquirrelEgg Roll Squirrel and even Egg McMuffin Rat? A report back in 2018 said that the rats in New York are getting even bigger given the amount of trash that's being thrown out. And that was two years before COVID.

Not surprisingly, New York and a few other cities in New York state ranked high for rat infestations. Orkin's list from late 2020 of the most rat-infested places to live, had not only NYC, but Syracuse, Buffalo, and Albany in the Top 50. According to the list, it seems all the rats are heading to Albany. The state capitol went up 10 whole spots from last year's rankings to number 38. Buffalo and Syracuse fell to 43rd and 44th place, respectively.

What city topped the overall list? Chicago. Los Angeles, New York City, Washington D.C. and San Francisco were all next.

Staten Island even named their Class-A Penn League baseball team the Pizza Rats. 

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