New York State has a major incentive for high schoolers to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The COVID-19 vaccine is incredibly accessible for New Yorkers to get right now. Plenty of pharmacies and state/county-run vaccine sites are open throughout New York. Some vaccine sites don’t even require an appointment. If the ease of getting the vaccine now wasn’t incentive enough, New York State has another incentive.

According to a press release, in an effort to get kids ages 12-17 vaccinated, Governor Cuomo introduced the 'Get the Shot to Make Your Future Incentive' to help grow the numbers of vaccinated teens. Cuomo is aware that they may need to get creative to get kids to be excited about getting the COVID vaccine. A full scholarship to public universities including room and board will be given to 50 kids who choose to get the vaccine.

Another round of winners for the free SUNY Education for getting the COVID vaccine have been announced. Two of these winners are from the Hudson Valley region. Madeline Nokland and Samantha Spadaro are both from the Hudson Valley. Nokland is from Orange County and Spadaro is from Dutchess County.

In a press release, Governor Cuomo said:

"This is a life-changing opportunity for young New Yorkers to receive full scholarships to SUNY or CUNY colleges in exchange for getting vaccinated to protect their families and their communities. So congratulations to our first round of scholarship winners and thank you for doing your part in our state's fight against COVID."

The winners of this raffle will get up to four years of full-time undergraduate studies, according to the press release. This includes full tuition at SUNY or CUNY schools, room and board, allowances for fees, books, supplies, and transportation that is up to the cost of attendance at SUNY or CUNY schools.