During the holidays there is a lot of great events and places that happen in the month of December. If you love sightseeing than the Hudson Valley is the right place for you. In the months of December the weather gets colder and snow starts to fall down, making it a wonderful place to be with the family. The Hudson Valley makes a great place to take breathtaking pictures. 

The Hudson valley is such a beautiful place to be in. There are always a range number of things that one can do. From going shopping at boutiques to going to local pizzeria spots, to even going on hikes on various trails. The Hudson Valley is a place of many towns with a lot of culture. Unique experiences and a great place to explore different small towns. It is definitely worth the visit. 

25 Hudson Valley Locations and Events To Visit During The Holidays

This Gallery is about holiday events that one should visit. Not only events but also great destinations in the Hudson Valley that are must place visits.