Last week I invited you to take a look at my weekend away in Boston...well not a full weekend, just 28 hours! Part one took us through 12 hours of fun, food and booze then of course we needed a few hours to recover. Now lets take a look at my last 8 hours in Boston. What I like to call history, history, history.

Now don't worry this entry wont be nearly as lengthy as the last as our adventures were a bit limited. We partied just a little too hard the night before (damn you delicious water melon crushes!) so needless to say our day kicked off to a little bit of a rough start....what? Im old! Can't recover like I use to.

Originally I had made an appointment to check out the Samuel Adams Brewery for the morning mash up tour (9:40am) lets just say that will now have to wait for my next 28 hours Boston. So now that we had missed our first stop we decided to truck on to our next stop which as it turns out was more like 16 stops, the Freedom Trail.

Now if you're not familiar with the Freedom Trail in Boston then you're missing out. I am a huge, huge history buff and the trail highlights locations that help define the America we are today. Well...maybe not today...we are trying to make America great again after all ;)

So take a few minutes and take a journey back in time with me as we walk the Freedom Trail and spend my last 8 hours in Boston!