As if a Friday the 13th in 2020 needed to be any more terrifying. Here are three of the freakiest superstitions that people believe in other cultures.

How superstitious are you? You might not think that you are but most of us share some superstitious habits that we might not even be aware of. Do you have a lucky sports jersey? Have you ever made a wish upon a shooting star? Do black cats creep you out? Have you ever knocked on wood to avoid bad luck? Do you believe that celebrity deaths come in groups of three? If so, then believe it or not you migh be a little more superstitious than you'd like to think.

Superstitions in American culture are mostly innocent but some in other parts of the world can be just plain creepy. Why are they more frightening? Mostly because they involve demons, spirits and death instead of good luck or wishes.

Here are three strange and haunting superstitions from other cultures around the world.


3 Superstitions from Around the World That Are Just Plain Terrifying