A 71-year-old Hudson Valley man was arrested Monday for allegedly running a weed business out of a local laundromat. Joseph Rapp of Kingston was taken into custody after members of the Kingston Police Department's Special Investigations Unit executed a search warrant at the East O'Reilly Street Laundromat and found cash, marijuana, THC edibles, and untaxed cigarettes with business records to go along with it.

All told more than $16,000 in cash was recovered and felony Criminal Possession of Marijuana charges was levied against Mr. Rapp who owns the facility. The City of Kingston Building Department was on hand and found the building was in violation of several building codes. Authorities stated via press release that the investigation is ongoing.

Hudson Valley Post reported less than two weeks ago that Governor Cuomo felt the time was 'ripe' for the legalization of recreational marijuana in New York. Siting concerns about revenue in the state due to the pandemic, taxation could solve some impending budget issues. However, there is still much to be worked out in Albany before that moves forward.

Marijuana legalization was a hot-button topic in the recent election with ballot initiatives in play in five states including New Jersey. New Jersey law is set to go into effect on January 1 with politicians now set to work out logistics between now and then. Four of the five initiatives in states across the country passed with Mississippi opting to approve medicinal use only.

Could today's alleged criminal be considered tomorrow's entrepreneur?

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