On August 25, the Mid Hudson Bridge celebrates 90 years of connecting the eastern and western banks of the Hudson River. At the time the only other bridge connecting Hudson Valley communities was the Bear Mountain Bridge to the south.

The bridge was proposed to the New York State Legislature in 1923 by J. Griswold Webb and John M. Hackett according to the New York State Bridge Authority. Governor Alfred E. Smith approved legislation that would fund the surveys, design and other preliminary work necessary.

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The New York State Department of Public works was given the massive task of constructing the bridge while the design of the bridge was tasked to Modjeski and Moran. Modjeski was already well known in the area for his work on the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge.

Construction took several years and it wasn't until August 25, 1930, did the bridge open to the public. The event was attended by then-Governor Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor, former Governor Smith and his wife along with Poughkeepsie Mayor Lovelace.

On day one, 12,000 cars and more than 30,000 pedestrians crossed the bridge and there wasn't even a toll.

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