You are probably like me, you see the “Adopt-a-Highway" signs as you drive all throughout the State of New York. Have you ever asked yourself what that means? How does one go about "Adopting-a-Highway?"  How much does it cost? Do the people who adopt it have to actually pick the trash up?

For some reason, I really thought that there were other people that picked up the trash and that whoever adopted that stretch or road, just provided the funds to make that happen.

After asking around and doing a little bit of research, there were quite a few things that were cleared up for me.

Here are just a few of the questions (and answers) that I had:

5 Things To Know About Adopting a Highway in New York State

Here are a few things that you might not know about adopting a highway. Do you need to pick up trash? If so how often? Can you keep the money from the recyclables?

If you could adopt a section of highway, where would you want it to be? Would you rather it be on a large stretch of road, like Route 84, 684 or maybe even Route 17? Or would you rather it be closer to your home or your business?

There are pros and cons to both. If the roadside looks great, then it might subliminally have motorists associate your company with a clean road. If the road is constantly full of trash, even after your four times per year clean-ups, would people think that your company isn't a  great one to hire because you are unable to keep a roadside clean? Things to think about.

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