Did you make a New Year's resolution? Did it have anything to do with helping out people or volunteering in your community? Here are a few ways that you can give back (and not let yourself and your New Year's resolution down):

  • Volunteer to deliver Meals on Wheels to seniors in your area. Each 'shift' only takes about an hour, and you can do it as little as one time per week. Contact your counties Office of the Aging for info.
  • Organize a blood drive. You can do this monthly or quarterly or as your schedule allows. To make this happen, you can contact your local Red Cross office.
  • Read stories to kids at the library. Reading to kids can help them develop their imagination and also help them to begin a lifelong love of reading. Contact the local Literacy Connection.
  • Become an ESL tutor. Volunteers are needed to help persons who are looking to increase their working knowledge of English as their second language. Help could include working with people in small groups, reading labels on items at the grocery store.
  • Become a mentor. How can you become someone's mentor? If you are in business, you can contact the local chamber of commerce to see if they have a networking/mentoring program to help new business owners learn from those who were once in their shoes.

Good luck with your New Year's resolution. May you be able to keep it in 2018 and beyond.