If you've ever thought about collecting comic books but didn't know where to begin here are few affordable and easy books to obtain that are sure to go up in value soon.

With most of us stuck in quarantine we may be looking for a new hobby. Comic books are fun to read, make a great conversation piece on the wall and aren't that hard to start collecting if you know what to look for. As a collector myself I may be biased but I think comic books have a little more entertainment value than stamps or coins.

Along with expert council from local collector, Gary Pepe, here are six comic books that you can get right now for under $50 that may see an increase in value within the next few years.

Whether they have a hero or villain's first appearance or maybe they're rumored to be adapted to the silver screen soon here are some affordable comic books with some serious potential.

Affordable Comics You Can Invest In Before They Go Up