When you go out to dine you might expect to sit at a typical restaurant table unless like me you have had an enjoyable meal at a restaurant bar. For some reason eating at the bar has a bad wrap. I am here to clear up that myth plus suggest some delicious Hudson Valley restaurants where you will want to sit at the bar for your next meal.

Just about every dinner restaurant you can visit in the Hudson Valley has some sort of bar seating. These seats are often considered the place you sit until your table is ready. How many times has the hostess said "would you like to wait at the bar" as they hand you a buzzer that will notify you that your table is ready?

Next time you are asked to wait at the bar for a table why not just say "Hey, I think we will eat at the bar". Most of the time this is met with a happy reaction from the hostess trying to move people up the line on a crowded night.

PC: Mahoney's Irish Pub and Steakhouse via Facebook
PC: Mahoney's Irish Pub and Steakhouse via Facebook

Why People Don't Eat at the Bars in Hudson Valley Restaurants?

So why is it we don't just go straight to the bar in the first place? There are a few reasons. Typically it is thought that the bar isn't as fancy. Some people are under the assumption that you can't get the same menu as in the dining room. Others think that the bar seats are only for people eating alone or for people from out of town in town on business.

All of the above reasons can be true however the bar seats are also for those of us who enjoy a lively chat with the bartender. Bar seats are great if you want to hang with your dinner date for a while and not feel like your holding up a table. The first time I ever sat at a bar for dinner was out of necessity and now I make it a regular thing. I even do it when I am on vacation. Sitting at the bar as an out-of-towner you can collect a lot of local information.

Check out the list of Hudson Valley restaurants where I think a seat at the bar for dinner can make for a great night out.

Hudson Valley Restaurants Where You'll Enjoy Eating at the Bar

Chances are your favorite Hudson Valley Restaurant has an awesome bar. Next time you are at your favorite lunch or dinner spot consider a seat at the bar for your meal. I tried it once because the dining room was booked and now the restaurant bar for food and drinks is sometimes my preferred choice. Here a some of the ones I have discovered that you can enjoy.