Criminals come in all shapes and sizes. Obviously, as the old saying goes, "you can never judge a book by its cover," but in certain instances, you feel a little bit more comfortable doing so. For instance, you might see an elderly nun--a woman approaching 80, in fact--and think to yourself "Oh, that's someone that's probably not committing petty larceny."

And, in fact, if you did so, you'd usually be correct (at least I'm assuming). But hey, there's always an outlier. Someone defying stereotype and expectation, showing you that anyone can be anything they want to be.

Apparently this 78-year-old nun decided that what she wanted to be was a criminal and, gosh darn it, she wasn't going to let her devotion to a life of religion and prayer get in the way of it. In that way, I guess it's kind of admirable. Or maybe she's just a thief.

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