Let's face it: there are few things old people like more than free samples. I mean, free anything would be a big hit with older folks, but the sample seems to hold a very strong, resonating purpose in the life of the elderly. Ever seen them around the scoop-your-own candy bins at a supermarket? Some of them even turn those into free sample dispensers (no shots fired on that one, I respect the move)!

So when you get in the way of their sampling, well, you're getting in the way of nature. Unfortunately, that's exactly what some goofball did; not only did he violate and interrupt the natural course of things--the free sample processes of the supermarket biosphere, if you will--he violently assaulted a 78-year-old dude. Punching people over samples?! Come on, man. Get your life together.

Check out the story in its entirety below, and learn how not to behave.