Nostalgia gives us a very powerful feeling. I promise that this list will be a fun trip down memory lane for many of you.

Were things really better 10, 20 or even 30 years ago? Some would argue that they most certainly were. Simpler times may have been better because they were just... simple. There were no cell phone cameras and social media platforms to capture everything. All we can remember is a feeling.

Who doesn't love to think about old times? What is it about nostalgia that seems to get us every single time? Is it good to live in the past? According to Inverse not only is it good to be nostalgic it is also healthy. In fact, for some it might have gotten them through the tough times of the pandemic. Some rehashed old memories, listened to songs they hadn't heard in years or watched movies and television shows they loved as a kid.

Others visited businesses and went on vacation to places that brought back great memories. The Hudson Valley has been home to so many cool spots. Unfortunately, many of those businesses didn't stand the test of time. Some are still standing there and falling apart while other hot spots have been transformed into an entirely new business. These new places are ready to bring us all new memories.

Here is a list of some favorite Hudson Valley hot spots from decades ago and what they look like now. What places would you like to see added to this list?

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