There's a good chance that you've seen at least one or two of these local oddities.

Driving distracted around here almost has an entirely different meaning. You don't need to have a cell phone to briefly lose focus while on the road. In the Hudson Valley it could just be something on the side of the road and we have a few of those.

I love living in the Hudson Valley. You have to admit that is has a lot of character.

There are some weird things around the Hudson Valley. I'm not talking about the people in this case. You can adventure out to find this weirdness or you can get in your car and drive you will most likely find some bizarre things.

The Hudson Valley region of New York but it can be a pain to travel across it because it's so vast. I've lived here for almost 4 years now and I'm still discovering it. It seems like every week I discover new towns and new strange things that just don't seem that strange to the local community. These odd features become so popular that they become talking points or even landmarks.

We must have gotten used to them because no one seems to question their existence.

From little busses in trees to our own Christmas twist, here are 8 weird things that live in the Hudson Valley that we never seem to question.

Do you know of any more weird or crazy things in the Hudson Valley that we can add to the list? Feel free to reach out and I'll update the list accordingly.

10 Weird Things in the Hudson Valley We Don't Seem to Question

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