So this morning, I got another email from Norwegian Airlines. I signed up for their emails as soon as I heard that they were going to be at Stewart Airport Newburgh. I love to travel and am pretty much willing to go anywhere that I can get a inexpensive airfare.

The big promo with the flights out of Stewart to Europe has been the $99 fares. Yes, you can get to your destination for the $99, but it will cost you a bit more to get home.

Looking at this $99 fare special to Oslo, there are limited seats that would take you from Stewart to Oslo, Oct. 30 to Nov. 4, 2017 and would cost you $249.50 total. Still not bad, right? Plus, it is a non-stop flight, no need to change planes.

In November, there are one or two flights for $109 to Belfast and then in January there are $109 flights to Edinburgh. All in all, expect the fare to get you home to be anywhere from $149 and up.

Still not as crazy expensive as some other carriers, plus you don't have to drive to Kennedy or Newark. I went on and looked for a flight from JFK to OSLO on the same dates listed above. The flight would cost you $620 round trip and it is not non-stop, and you would have a layover/connection that adds 3 hours to your travel time.

Where would you go if someone else was paying for the airline ticket?