This guy wasn't going to let death stop him from hanging out with his uncle!

It doesn't get much weirder than this: apparently in Spain, a man wanted to visit his uncle. Problem: his uncle has been dead for 23 years. Solution: visit uncle's grave?


Dig 'im up!

And a gravedigger did just that

A Spanish gravedigger pictured posing next to a long-dead corpse that had been exhumed has been suspended from his duties, officials said.

A municipal representative in Guardamar del Segura said the worker, identified only as Clemente, was wearing his official blue polo shirt bearing the town's coat of arms when he appeared in a photo alongside the exhumed corpse of a man who had been dead for 23 years and another man believed to be the deceased's nephew-in-law.


After looking at that photo, if I was one of the companies whose clothes he was wearing, I'd be all over this.


I'd be sponsoring The Walking Dead and all sorts of TV shows. "This Weekend at Bernie's marathon on SPIKE TV, brought to you by Wrangler."

I'd have hot models wearing the company's clothes with one of those weird skin-tight skeleton costume tops, dancing on a gigantic tombstone.

Man, all I do is come up with ways to make other people money. I'm like the not-handsome Don Draper.