What started as a normal night out for a Hudson Valley couple ended with a beautiful act of kindness, and it all started with a claw machine.

Wonderful Surprise in Highland, NY

Jenna Starkey and her fiancé Jey were out to dinner at the Gateway Diner in Highland, NY. It was their tradition for Jey to play the claw machine game while they waited, and happened to strike up a conversation with a former Highland school teacher. Her passion for teaching was clear, Jenna said, as she shared stories of her past efforts in starting specialized school programs and involving the community of parents as well.

Little did Jenna and her fiancé know, but the positive conversation they were having with the former teacher was also warming the hearts of two other teachers, who happened to be sitting nearby.

Random Act of Kindness at the Gateway Diner in Highland, NY

Just like school, Jenna was passed a note. The excellent penmanship from one of the neighboring teachers informed Jenna and Jey that their meal had been paid for:

Facebook/Jenna Starkley
Facebook/Jenna Starkley

Enjoy your meal on us! You were both so kind

and patient with the older woman (teacher) who

clearly misses playing a role in influencing younger

generations. You could see the joy you gave her by

allowing her to tell her stories. May your kindness continue

and you enjoy your time together.

With much admiration,

The two teachers sitting next to you.

Jenna shared the note she received on Facebook, and the love for the random act of kindness came rolling in. "That's awesome! We need more people to spread kindness", said one Highland resident. "This is so great!!!", echoed another. Here's to the Hudson Valley residents that make our area so special! If you want to keep the good vibes going, check out these amazing Hudson Valley animal rescues below.

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