...and I mean that in the most literal way.  We're talking colored popcorn.

There will soon be another decision to make in the popcorn aisle at the grocery store, as Act II is stepping up their offerings and adding a cotton candy flavored microwavable popcorn to their lineup, and yes, it pops blue.

I'm totally on team sweet/salty combo, and enjoy a microwave bag of kettle corn on the regular, so I'm thinking I can get behind this new flavor, it's just the whole blue thing that is catching me a bit off guard.

The actual flavor is called 'Llama Party' and will officially be available in stores in September, but the snack-food community is already buzzing in anticipation and trying to find a way to snag a bag pre-release date, this according to PopSugar.

If you find yourself wondering what could possibly make this snack even better, well, how about games AND tattoos.  There will be llama themed games on the inside of the box, and what the company has called 'llamacorn' tattoos.

Will you be expanding your popcorn palate to include the new cotton candy flavor, or are you more of a traditional butter or white cheddar snacker?