Will the NYPD use lubricant to help prevent riots in New York City? I hope not because taking measures like this could lead down a slippery slope.

I'm sorry but it's difficult not to make jokes about one of the largest polices forces in the country using lubricant to help quell a riot but apparently it's also difficult to cause mass chaos when you turn Canal Street and Times Square in to a giant slip and slide.

Yes, you read that headline correctly. This is certainly a weird one but when it comes to strange stories in 2020 this doesn't even scratch the surface. Nope. Not one bit.

This year has been tough on almost all of us. Tensions have been high and attitudes have been extremely volatile. As we start to see more and more results from the election come in those tensions could continue run much hotter. In the past few months we've seen what agitated masses can do to busy communities and streets of large cities. According to the New York Post, an online sex cam website known as ImLive has offered to donate and deliver over a hundred gallons of lubricant to both the NYPD and LAPD via Twitter.

The Post also reports the the lubricant should be applied to large street and telephone poles to prevent people from climbing them and getting hurt.

If the forces decide to take up ImLive on their offer I can't be too certain but something tells me that this would be a job for the rookies in the police units.

All joking aside. No matter what the outcome of this election is we should call for civility. There is no reason for violence.

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