It was an extremely hazy day in New York and it may get worse this week. Is the air quality in New York the worst in the world right now?

Wildfires in Canada has caused a smoky haze over the east coast and New York seems to be getting hit the hardest. According to CBS News the air in New York is the worst it has been in roughly 50 years.

Is the air quality in New York City the worst in the world right now?

According IQAir, New York City not only made it to the top of list but it is not even close. The air quality index in Lahore, Pakistan is the 3rd worst in the world with an air quality index of 164. The 2nd worst is Dubai, United Arab Emirates with an index of 170. New York City currently has an index of 332 and that is classed as an unhealthy condition.

  Here is a breakdown of the air quality of each region in New York State.

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Data compiled from Neighborhood Scout and are up to date as of 4/26/2023