We've ("we" being Brandi and I) have been doing It Came From the Internet as a feature on our show for the better part of four years, every single day. Loose math has us doing this segment over 900 times. We've never repeated a story.

So on 900+ occasions, we have had to try to figure out the frame of mind of people who behave strangely, offensively, erratically, bizarrely, and generally act as conduits of aggressively antisocial behavior. I have to admit: it really doesn't get any easier. I'm sure police officers, EMTs, psychologists, and anyone else who works with the more... eccentric members of society on a regular basis can tell you the same thing I've learned from reading and hearing these stories for so long: people never stop surprising you.

Like this fine gentleman, who decided he needed to steal himself an ambulance.