It's somehow simultaneously humbling and encouraging to see young people achieve in major ways. I mean, to see, for example, professional athletes younger than I am accomplishing historical feats is cool but also makes me feel old and decrepit, destined to leave behind a legacy of bad jokes and dumb blog posts.The same can be said for the world of business and finance. Largely thanks to the internet, we are in an era during which a 17-year-old with a YouTube account can make $10 million recording himself making bad "That's what she said" jokes over footage of himself playing a video game. It drives me insane that this is a real thing, but at the same time I have to admire the ingenuity and craftiness it takes to figure out a future for yourself at a young age.

Granted, they will have blown through that $10 million by 17-and-a-half buying dumb hoverboards with speakers in them and other nonsense, but my point stands.

The young man documented in the story below might not share those successes, but boy, does he have the ambition to determine his identity and future from a very, very young age.