Talk about walking off the job. A Walnutport, Pennsylvania bus driver is in huge trouble after police say she left a bus full of kids stranded at a Sunoco gas station Friday.

WFMZ says the 44 year-old woman was found at her home and arrested. Police say the woman had been operating the bus while drunk. WFMZ is reporting that there was some sort of disturbance on the bus which caused the bus driver to pull over and later hand the keys to a Sunoco employee as she mosied on off. There is no direct word what this disturbance was about, though it may simply have to due with the fact the driver was allegedly so freakin' hammered.

WFMZ says that students had asked her to pull over after they noticed how erratically she was driving. One student even pulled the emergency lever once the bus was at the gas station.

The stranded students were either picked up by their parents or got a ride with another bus driver, who, fortunately, wasn't loaded.

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