An amateur boxing event is coming to Gold's Gym in Lagrange in Dutchess County, NY and here is how you can support these amazing athletes representing the community.

Years ago boxing wasn't really looked at as a sport as much as controlled violence. Combat sports like boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts often portrayed negatively as human cockfighting. There is so much more to those sports than just punching and kicking.

The sport of boxing is called the 'sweet science' for a reason. It's not only a science but it is an art too.

Not only is boxing one of the most difficult sports, it is also extremely beneficial to people who participate. According to Healthline, people who train in boxing experience benefits like improved heart health, more strength, weight loss, lower blood pressure, increased coordination and reduced levels of stress and anxiety. It also creates a sense of self discipline.

Just training in the sport of boxing gives one some great health advantages. If you train in something long enough then eventually you may want to grow and showcase your skills. Competition is the best way to do that.

APJ Boxing

APJ Boxing is a hosting a night filled with boxing matches on October 1 at Gold's Gym in Lagrange. They're inviting everyone in the community to support local amateurs of all ages.

APJ Boxing's Instagram page posted a video introducing the boxers representing the  Poughkeepsie are in the match. The details on the event are below.

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