For the past couple of years I’ve enjoyed watching the progress of the new Eastdale Village Town Center on Route 44 in Poughkeepsie. It’s turned into quite the beautiful place. Home to businesses, residences, and community gatherings. But there is this one old house that I always loved and was a bit worried about. What would become of this beautiful historic house?

Turns out I didn’t have to worry at all. The folks at Eastdale Village knew the house couldn’t stay where it was, but they also appreciated the age, beauty and the history of the house. So, what did they do to solve the problem? They moved it to the other side of Route 44. Right before our very eyes.

The house was being used at Eastdale Village’s sales center, but it’s rich in Hudson Valley history. The yellow house once served as one of the original Frank Brothers Farm family homes. Once settled, Eastdale Village will continue to utilize the farmhouse and rent it residentially. That’s such great news for this farmhouse loving author, and for others who appreciate architecture and its history.   

I’ve got more great news for you. We’ve actually got video of the move. It’s pretty fascinating to watch a whole house move across a highway, as you can tell by the onlookers. The house was slowly jacked up onto a platform with wheels, and then they used hydraulics and a remote to move it across the road. It’s amazing what they can do in this day and age.

Thanks Eastdale Village for preserving history while making progress. If you want to check out Eastdale Village, why not visit this Friday night? It’s a Second Friday Celebration from 6PM - 9PM with live music, food and fun fall activities for the whole family.

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