One thing that I've noticed about the Hudson Valley is that people love their antiques.

They say that one man's trash is another man's treasure. I suppose that's true even though all of our ideas about treasures may vary. I'm a fan of gold and cash personally, but some love old dolls, lunch boxes and claw bathtubs from 1895.


If you're a fan of the show American Pickers or if you just love antiques and old treasure this is the place for you here in the Hudson Valley.

Creepy Doll

Everybody loves to dig through old items to see if they've got something extremely valuable. There is something so rewarding about finding an extremely rare item in a pile of antiquities. Being in a part of the country that was settled early on and has so much history there are a lot of unique items lying around just waiting to be discovered.

Bottle Shop

Did you know there is a little spot hidden in the Hudson Valley that's an absolute goldmine of old and collectible items? You can find this little gem right off of Route 44 between Pleasant Valley and Millbrook.

Your're welcome and if you find something worth millions feel free to hit me up with a finders fee.

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