While I was at The Hudson Valley Comic-Con I was surrounded by Batman, Spider-man and all kinds of other fantasy heroes in costume. I had no idea that there were real heroes right in front of me. They don't have a cape or alter egos but they do have a mission.

An organization is working hard to bring local children's imaginations and dreams to life. You can be apart of it and help make a difference for a local kid.

Magic Wheelchair is a non-profit organization that helps build amazing costumes for kids in wheel chairs. They do this all for no cost whatsoever to the family. The organization that started in Oregon has taken on the task to provide an awesome addition to a wheel chair belonging to young boy Middletown.

Noah Brockman is just like every other 9 year old in the Hudson Valley. He's got an active imagination and loves to dress up and play with other kids his age. He's also a huge fan of the movie, How to Train Your Dragon. With support from local fabricators Dani Masterson and David Ringwood from Ringmaster Builders and other volunteers Noah, will never have to sit out of a game and he'll get his wheel chair decked out like his favorite dragon.

"Sometimes when he can't play along with other kids he'll just sit and watch. He says he doesn't mind but it breaks my heart but that's just the kind of nice kid he is. He's so nice and caring. He continues to inspire me."

You can help Noah tranform into the character, Snotlout and get his own custom dragon by donating here. The plan is to reveal Noah's dragon at the New York City Comic-Con in October. We'll be sure to keep you updated with all of the progress.

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