Dear Neighbor Walking with a Tennis Racket,

I see you just about everyday walking down the road holding a tennis racket and think why are you carrying it. My first thought was that you were an avid tennis player and that walking and swinging the racket as you traveled might be a good training exercise.

After I past you a few time I began to realize that you aren't actually swinging the racket. It seems to me that you are just carrying it along for your walk. This made me think about all the unusual things I have seen people carry as they walk down a road. I have seen hand weights, baskets and even a broom but your are the first person I have seen with a tennis racket.

After I realizing you probably aren't training for a local tennis tournament I started thinking about you carrying it a a defensive weapon. It occurred to me that you might be walking with it in you hand on the off chance you encounter something you might need to swat with it.

I want to make it clear, no matter what the reason is that you carry it with you everyday I certainly hope it isn't a result of some experience your have had walking on the roads in out neighborhood.  I don't get out much to walk the hills that make up our rural wooded space but I have seen some of the creatures that share our ridge, you might need more than a racket.

It suddenly became clear to me that this racket you carry might be for your projection or even the protection of one of our precious mountain animals. I don't think it would make a good weapon against any bugs, that maybe why you don the mosquito hat, but it would work to scoot a snapping turtle out of your path.

It would also make an aggressive dog think twice before confronting you. I don't know if would work against the bears we reportedly have in the neighborhood. And as for the turkey, coyotes and bobcats it may or may not be a deterrent.

Whatever the reason you carry it I wanted you to know that your have spike my curiosity and until I actually see you put it in motion, hopefully not swatting at a bear, I am just going to keep using my imagination to come up with reasons you may need it on your walks.

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