The resignation of Andrew Cuomo has made national headlines, as New York's 56th governor resigned this week over allegations of sexual harassment  However, he's not the only governor across the country who's been feeling the heat. Another elected official has reportedly come under fire, albeit it from just one "very concerned citizen" over something a little more trivial.

Governor Spencer Cox of Utah recently received a letter from a person who demanded that the politician change his “foul, dirty, and obscene surname.” Cox is a fairly common last name of either English or Welsh origin, though this particular person seems to be thinking of something else when it comes to that word. Now, they have demanded the governor change his last name or else.

The honorable Republican party will not stand for it. Most importantly, I will not stand for it...myself and thousands of Utahns will be sitting in protest, not standing.

The writer goes on to imply that the Cox's surname is some sort of sick joke. Could protests soon run rampant through the streets of Utah over this pressing matter? Unlikely? Gov. Cox recently took to Twitter to respond to growing crisis.

Really grateful for the criticism and constructive feedback I get from constituents that demand I…change my name?

But the writer proudly boasts, "us decent people here in Utah will not stand for it!". The constitute has even threatened to recall Cox if he doesn't go through all the logistical trouble of changing his surname so this person isn't offended. Your move, Cox. huh huh.

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