What happens when two great cider makers decide to team up? How about a limited edition release that will be available on National Cider Day, November 18, 2016?

How did this special project come about? According to a press release, Angry Orchards Innovation Cider Maker, Ryan Burk was at a cider event chatting with Eden Cider's Eleanor Leger. It was during this conversation, the project was born.

The two cider houses are known for completely different styles of cider. Angry Orchard for their effervescent and refreshing ciders. Eden Ice Ciders, for their rich, slightly viscous bottles of iced ciders, which more closely resemble, ice wine than the ciders Angry Orchard specializes in.

This particular cider is made with Vermont apples that were pressed and fermented at Eden then sent to Angry Orchard. In Walden, the cider continued its fermentation process and then went on to aging, some of the juice being aged in used Calvados barrels. When the cider-makers deemed it was the right time, this dry cider was ready for the introduction of the Iced Cider, blending it to finish the cider.


The cider is called Understood in Motion 01, it is 8% ABV and it will be available for purchase at the Angry Orchard Innovation Cider House in Walden in honor of National Cider Day on November 18, 2016, while supplies last. Each bottle, 750ml, will cost $25.