Since Angry Orchard opened their Innovation Cider Center in Walden, it has been a pleasure to see (and of course taste) all of their new products. Their most recent 'innovation' is out just in time for holiday gatherings and dinners.

The new product is Angry Orchard Pear. Here is how it is described in a press release:

Angry Orchard Pear is made with a blend of domestic culinary pears and apples grown in the United States. This style provides a fresh take on traditional hard cider and is refreshing, versatile and perfect to enjoy during all the season's relaxing moments.

Haven't tried too many hard ciders? They have been gaining in popularity as a gluten free alternative to beer. When you are planning a meal or gathering with friends, think of hard cider as a refreshing alternative to beer. With the subtle sweetness of hard cider it pairs well with all types of food and cuisine. Maybe grab a few for spicy take out? Making chili and need something easy to wash it down with? How about traditional Thanksgiving dinner and pumpkin pie? Hard cider will go nicely with all of the above. Give it a try.