Anthony Jeselnik will be making his way to the Hudson Valley region to perform 5 shows but tickets are already close to selling out.

One of the most successful writers and comedians from the past decade is Anthony Jeselnik. He's known for having an extremely dark sense of humor. Most comedians these days seemed to have adapted their acts to be more politically correct. I don't think anyone is safe from his hilarious onslaught when on stage.

You may remember him from episodes of Comedy Central Roast. Jeselnik instantly became a comedic legend with his savage jokes against celebrities like Charlie Sheen and Donald Trump.

 You also might recognize him from his show The Jeselnik Offensive that aired on Comedy Central. He even dated Amy Schumer for a few years.

Anthony Jeselnik announced that he would be touring the country and he'll be making a couple of stops in New York. The comedian will be stopping in Buffalo and Rochester but will be making a stop in West Nyack, New York first.

He'll be at Levity Live doing 5 shows in 3 nights. You can get ticket information here

Tickets seem to be selling fast. One Saturday show is already sold out. 

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