It may be hard to believe right now, but we have a lot to look forward to.

Since the majority of us are home at the moment and for possibly week(s) ahead, we can take this time to find new things to do. I’ve always loved stargazing and listening to the peepers outside at night. With warmer weather approaching, it’ll be the perfect time to grab your favorite beverage and head on outside to welcome the Super Pink Moon. If anyone wants to donate a telescope to me, I would love that so I could spend my time stargazing even more.

Interestingly enough, April’s Super Pink Moon isn’t necessarily going to be pink; it will look more white and gold. Thankfully, I got my dad the Farmer’s Almanac for Christmas knowing that I could also read it to stay informed about Mother Nature (score). They claim that the color of this upcoming moon actually has to do more with spring’s early arrival and the bloom of phlox subulata (also known as moss pink) which is a beautiful, North American flower.

This Super Pink Moon is also referred to the Paschal Moon or Egg Moon. Paschal refers to the relation of the next upcoming holiday; Easter and assists Catholic churches on choosing a date for their Easter mass celebration. The Egg Moon reference symbolizes the season of laying eggs and rebirth. Along with a variety of different names, The Super Pink Moon can also be referred to as the Full Sprouting Grass Moon considering that new grass begins to grow at this time. The Full Fish Moon is another name referred to The Super Pink Moon, as symbol of the fish swimming upwards in the stream to lay their eggs.

April’s Super Pink Moon is also a supermoon, the second supermoon of 2020 and first one of spring. A supermoon is a new or full moon that is closer to Earth and its orbit. We can see the moon better during these times because it’s closest to the Earth allowing the moon to appear bigger than normal and super bright. They also claim that this supermoon is special because it’ll be not only the brightest full moon of 2020 but appear to be the largest as well.

You’ll have to join me on Tuesday April 7th to ring in a brand new month and all that this supermoon has to offer us. After sunset, April’s Super Pink Moon will be visible but most importantly around 10:35 pm. Believe me when I say I’ll be outside with my binoculars and a homemade mojito, ha-ha.

For any of my friends who have been stargazing or know about it, help me out. I heard that there are apps that allow you to see the position of the planets and inform you on the nights to look out. Any astronomers club that is looking for new guests, I’m here!

Have you ever been stargazing? Will you be looking at the Super Pink Moon? Share your thoughts with me below.