We've seen more and more bicycles out there. What are your odds of finding an affordable bike in the Hudson Valley?

With most gyms open in the Hudson Valley now do you think it will be easier to find an affordable bicycle? Just in time for the fall season, right? Ever since the quarantine a ton of people have taken up new outdoor hobbies. From growing vegetables, fishing to riding bicycles people are hanging outside more than they did six months ago or even a year ago.

It's no surprise of the rise in popularity with gyms being out of commission and since there's not much hard impact on your body.

With biking being one of the most popular physical activities while the gyms were closed has it been difficult in finding a bike around here? I know I have some some trouble and I cam't be the only one. I recently went to two different Walmart stores and even Dick's Sporting Goods to find one and they were completely sold out.

Do you know of any locations in the area that have bikes for sale?