It's not something you necessarily think of every day, but are boneless chicken wings really chicken wings? Of course, there are some who prefer them because they may be easier to eat, or less messy. But are one of New York state's favorite foods being mislabeled? A man from Lincoln, Nebraska says "yes", and wants the world to know.

The now viral video shows the man making an impassioned plea to the Lincoln City Council. He goes so far as saying that labeling boneless wings as wings is a failure to our children.

We need to raise our children better, our children are afraid of having bones attached to their meat, which is where meat comes from, it grows on bones!

You can even hear some people behind him start to laugh as he pleaded his case. But this was no laughing manner to this bone loving gentlemen. So if boneless wings aren't really wings, then what should we call them? The few suggestions this particular guy threw out;  Buffalo style chicken tenders, wet tenders, saucy nugs or maybe just trash.

Who's going to want to order saucy nugs at the dinner table?

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