Dunkin Donuts is considering a major change to their name that could affect many Hudson Valley locations. But don't worry the donuts aren't going anywhere.

USA Today reports the chain's parent company is considering dropping the 'Donuts' part of the name because they want to be known for their coffee above all else.

A new location that's about to open in California is the first to make the switch. Although the company says their advertising has been focused on the 'Dunkin' part of the brand for more than a decade with the 'America Runs on Dunkin' campaign.

Fortune reports the company is expected to make a final decision sometime in 2018 when they begin redesigning existing stores. Other companies like Radio Shack have tried this sort of re-branding in the past. It didn't work for 'The Shack', will it work for Dunkin'?

It sounds like any permanent changes are a ways off but will this affect your loyalty? Or do you get your coffee at a different local establishment?