Did you know some states require permits to operate a lemonade stand?

Thankfully, if your kid is operating a lemonade stand in the Hudson Valley without a permit, you're in the clear. New York State is one of only 15 states where it's legal to have a lemonade stand without a permit. According to a press release, Country Time is looking to change that.

Country Time is going to pay the fines given to kids who are operating lemonade stands in any of the 35 states where it's illegal to have one without a permit. A press release from KraftHeinz shows the 15 states where it's legal to have a lemonade stand without a permit. The fact that kids need a permit for a lemonade stand is downright ridiculous if you ask me.

Country Time Lemonade Legal

So thankfully, we New Yorkers are in the clear to have as many unpermitted lemonade stands as we want. While Country Time isn't providing legal advice or services, their Legal-Ade program is open to residents in all 50 states who are the parent or legal guardian of a child 14 years and under who are operating a lemonade stand. According to the press release, the Legal-Ade program ends on September 2, 2019, or when $30,000 worth of offers has been awarded.

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