We're supposed to be socially distant not socially inept.

The benefits of wearing the mask comes with some rude behavior. I've witnessed it all throughout the Hudson Valley and I'm not alone. The sad fact is that it's way easier to be a jerk when your identity is hidden by a mask.

Residents of the Hudson Valley are scared and anxious as we enter the post COVID-19 quarantine. It's been a rough couple of months for many people. Tensions are high and fuses are short. When you're in pubic you're constantly fumbling around with your mask. You can't speak clearly, breathe normally or even see if someone is smiling or being courteous. We're expressionless to some degree. It's only normal if you're a bit irritated.

Heroes wear masks but don't forget that some villains do too. Have you personally witnessed someone go out of their way to be rude or confrontational while wearing a mask? Does this seem to be happening more frequently? I've personally witnessed drivers being more aggressive on the roads and more customers making rude comments in the line at grocery or convenient stores.

Does the mask offer comfort in saying and acting how you really feel? Is there a correlation between the rise in outbursts I've seen and masks? We could be wearing masks for months to come. Will we see more social vigilantism?

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