It's a strange new trend that's gotten a lot of attention lately. How common is it and is it happening nearby?

Could your single neighbor upstairs really be single? What if they are really married to themselves? There are plenty of different kinds of relationships and marriages out there. We all know about bigamy and polygamy but are you familiar with a new marriage trend called sologamy?


According to Metro, a woman from England regrets marrying herself a few years ago after now meeting the man of her dreams. How awkward can this get?

Bride using modern technology

When asked why one would marry themself, the biggest reason people are practicing sologamy is to promote self love.

It is legal to marry yourself in the United States but how common is the practice of sologamy? Experts in the Hudson Valley say, a legal contract contains an offer, acceptance and consideration. All of those things are present when you marry yourself but you can't technically breach a contract with yourself so I guess you can't divorce yourself.

You may be surprised but this is actually a thing. You can even find other sologamists on their own website,

If the reason for this crazy new trend is to experience self love then I can't get on board. This world has too much self love in it. We need to love others a little more.

Besides, a honeymoon with myself would probably be just as lonely as my first one with a woman.

Do you practice sologomy? Is there anything wrong with giving yourself a little loving?