This is one way to solve the rat problem in New York City.

People can't stand rats. Some are just downright afraid of them. Rats cause a lot of trouble in big cities. Rats are taking over certain cities here in the Empire State. New York has some of the rattiest cities in the country.

According to Orkin's list of rattiest cities, Albany, New York came in at #34. Buffalo ranked #39 and Syracuse ranked #42 on the list.

New York City was the second rattiest city in America.

A video is going viral that shows a woman cooking rats in New York City and

The city is even hiring a professional exterminator to handle them. The job even pays six figures.

 One way to defeat the rats is to cook them and eat them. That could be exactly what some people are doing. A video surfaced on Twitter of what looked like a woman barbequing rats on the sidewalk. She even appeared to be spinning them like they are rotisserie chickens. 

Is this real? It looks like it could be fake. If it is this seems like an elaborate prank.

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